Maya de Bij / maya the Bee

Maya is a young bee from 8 years old. She is cute, smart, generous, caring and always ready to learn when to cooperate and put the group’s interests before her own. But one thing she is not willing to do is settle into the predictable life of the hive and give up the fun of exploring and learning about the world around her. She takes risks and sometimes leaps before she looks but she has the smarts, determination and good friends to help her face every situation. Freedom and the unstoppable urge to discover the world typifies Maya’s personality.

Maya lives in a poppy field, together with the lazy Willy and many more of her friends. Maya’s world is a mirror to the real world. Turbulent weather, extremes of heat in summer or cold in winter, floods, droughts or even fire occur. When Maya and Willy meet other woodland insects and other creatures, most of them are friendly, but some are most definitely not! In addition to the lovely flowers and delicious berries, prickly, even poisonous plants dot the landscape. Of course, this ‘reality’ is managed in terms of Maya’s public.